Campaign Toolkit

Welcome, Campaign Coordinators!

United Way's Workplace Campaigns are about bringing your coworkers and staff together through the workplace to inspire change and build your local communities. Campaigns make it easy for your company, agency or group to make impacts on their communities by giving. Not only does workplace campaigns make giving easier by allowing for small increments to build into larger gifts, but it also educates your community about local issues, and connecting them with resources or opportunities to help those in need. 

United Way wants to make your workplace campaign easy and successful! The following materials will help you achieve a best practice campaign. If you have any questions or need additional resources, please contact Betsy Bond at 270-886-8171 or

It Starts With You!

Running a campaign means that you are playing a critical role in building the communities around us. Every workplace is different, so every workplace campaign is also different! We can help you every step of the way on finding the materials, volunteer opportunities, and messaging that fits for your campaign. Please let us know as soon as possible when you want to kick-off your employee campaign. We would love to help with that but want to make sure we are scheduling them in enough time to have all of the materials together.

Campaign Coordinator Training

2023 Campaign Material

Employee Pledge Form - There is also the option to do an online pledge form with personalized url. Click here for an example and let our office know if you would like one created for your company.

Employee Report Template - An easy way for you to keep up with the total pledges made by employees.

Corporate Pledge Card  - This is to let us know your business is just as committed as your employees.

2023 Campaign Poster

2023 Fact Sheet - A complete list of all the efforts our partner agencies undertook in 2022.

Infographic Poster  - An eye catching version of our Fact Sheet that is easily printed for hanging in any space.

Campaign Dates  - Please make plans to join us as we celebrate on these dates.

FamilyWize Report  - A report from our partner FamilyWize about the savings residents have seen.

Campaign Video  - 2023 Campaign Video




We know that your workplace is constantly evolving, meaning your staff is prone to change! In our community, we recognize that baby boomers are beginning to retire and graduates are receiving their diplomas every semester. Below are two letters that can be customized for your company to demonstrate your support for not only your employees, but also for your community.





Show that you're a part of building a strong, thriving community for the Pennyrile region by including this logo on your website, in your materials and/or in your email signature.






Logos - Need just our general United Way logo? 

Get Involved

There are any number of ways to get your company involved in raising funds for the United Way of the Pennyrile, our 20 partner agencies, and those in need in our communities. 

A few tips from previous coordinators of successful campaigns include:

  • personalize the forms - either by hand, with labels, or making individuals envelopes for every employee
  • make personal contact with each giver
  • include their previous year donation on the form in the corner or in the envelope on the separate sheet of paper
  • invite UWP and a partner agency or two to speak with your employees
  • offer incentives to encourage employee participation - could be as small as gift cards/certificates or a day off

Fundraising Ideas  — Looking for ways to increase employee participation and tired of the same old things? Browse our Fundraising Ideas booklet.


Live United Store — Order United Way branded items to enhance your campaign.