pillar III

Good health is an essential ingredient for individual success and a thriving community. Healthy kids are more likely to succeed in school. The whole community will flourish when all of our residents have access to public parks, playgrounds, healthy foods and quality healthcare. We are committed to more than short-term charity for a few; we are committed to lasting solutions that build opportunity for all.

Health is more than doctors

The United Way realizes that being able to get care from doctors and nurses is a large part of a healthy life, but we also recognize that more goes into it than just that. It is the reason we fund more than just health services at St. Luke Free Clinic. The United Way of the Pennyrile funds programs for Sanctuary Inc allowing women and children to receive counseling. We fund Pennyrile Children's Advocacy Center allowing young sexual assault victims to receive care and counseling. We recognize that the American Red Cross and Christian County Rescue Team are necessary for those in disaster situations. 

But health is also ensuring there is food on the table through programs at Aaron McNeil House, Salvation Army, and PACS Meals on Wheels. Health is a place for adults with disabilities to live not in a relatives care at Bright Life Farms. Most assuredly, health is the work of Kentucky Legal Aid to ensure residents receive the health care benefits they are due.

United Way of the Pennyrile and SingleCare Community Service Partnership, an organization focused on improving people’s lives by providing access to affordable prescription medications, partnered together to ensure local residents have access to a free, easy to use prescription savings card that to date has helped over 11 million Americans save more than $1 billion on their prescriptions.

SingleCare cards can immediately lower the cost of medicine by an average savings of around 40 percent for people without insurance or who take medications not covered by their plan. Just by presenting the SingleCare card or mobile app at their local pharmacy, customers save on the cost of their prescription medicine, no strings attached. The free SingleCare Prescription Savings Card can be used by anyone, including people without insurance and those with insurance who have high deductibles or take medications not covered by their plan.  The free SingleCare Prescription Savings Card has unlimited use, does not require any personal information from the user and has no eligibility criteria.